Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Parliament gagged by super injunction

As reported in the telegraph, Parliament has been gagged by a super injunction. With the media gagged post Leveson and Google selling your private information because you cannot be bothered to read their new privacy terms, the current privacy debacle is just that. A debacle.

Facebook IPO's at $100billion by selling your data while one of the richest women in the world engages one of the most secretive London lawyers to help protect her slapperish ways by paying huge sums to stop Parliament talking about her. And it. And what she did.

Ask Mark Burby. He knows what it's about. He cannot mention 7/7. Abortions. Swinging. Terrorism.

The Telegraph knows what its about. It had a stab at telling us.

So what is Ken Clarke going to do about this? Nothing because nobody is interested in super injunctions any more.

A gagged media and a rich person gagging parliament. Censorship is the new black.



  1. If you put Mark Burby into the Google search engine you get lots of references to the Sultan of Brunei and a murder. In his evidence Burby referred to an Asian ruler who had links to al-Qaeda and had foreknowledge of 7/7. This ruler was also being sued by a British businessman who was then murdered...

  2. You are incorrect in stating that Parliament has been gagged by this drunken Muslim harlot's lawyers. They did write to all members of the Committee on Privacy and Injunctions, but Parliament retains the absolute right to say and publish exactly what it pleases.

    The lawyers may plead and implore, but Parliament retains the absolute right, under Parliamentary Privilege, to tell the massed lawyers for the Sultan of Borneo's ex-wife to take a running jump!