So what is the purpose of this blog?

Political reasons
Well this is not here to break the law. It is here to show what an ass the law surrounding privacy is in the UK.

The UK media is competitive and has many freedoms that benefit us all. It is admired all over the world but this is being challenged by people paying to keep stories out of the media. This is not right. This is a form of bribery and is in unethical. It also distorts the way the media can operate. If there are internet rumours, the main stream press cannot comment. This is wrong.

The existing media model works well. If the media messes up, the law courts can be used and have been successfully over the years in compensating those who have been libeled or defamed. The PCC also plays a role in ensuring reporting standards are kept high. Both help regulate the reporting of public interest stories and from the media telling lies.

All the blog posts refer to existing public domain information (mostly).

Super injunctions are a crude way of suppressing the media. Fine for witness protection or national security but not tittle tattle and protecting people we pay for (civil servants and celebrities for starters).

Media lawyer Mark Stephens has said in August 2010 (the sun): "The cynical use of injunctions to protect the interests of footballers by preventing an untrue picture of their image being exposed has to stop. The idea that footballers are just trying to maintain the privacy of their families is laughable. They are coining it in from endorsements but these contracts have morality clauses. So if players get caught with their trousers down, sponsors will pull the plug. Every time a judge grants a player a gagging order stopping fans from learning the truth, it brings the law into disrepute."

Kindred director Lorna Gozzard said in PR Week: "The key issue here is, whether in an age where information (and gossip) is so incredibly shareable, a super injunction can ever be fully effective. From a PR perspective, it creates two stories – the original misdemeanor and then the cover-up – making it even harder to manage."

Ego reasons
It is also an exercise in wanting to see how quickly we could set up a blog site and get a 1000 hits a day using nothing more than twitter and playing around with key words.


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